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Industrial Service

Large General Firm service

Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas has seven classes of service, with different rates for each class of service. Large General Firm service is classified as Service Classification no. 3. Typically, customers in this category are industrial companies. “Firm” service means that Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas is supplying an uninterrupted supply of gas, as the customer requires it. To qualify under this service classification, the customer must contract to use a minimum of 200 Mcf (thousand cubic feet) per day and 365,000 therms per year. All delivery of gas is at one location through a meter capable of recording daily consumption and electronically transmitting such daily recording to the Company. For more information about this service, see the Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas Tariff, P.S.C. No. 3 – Gas, Leaf No. 271 - 279.

Download the Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas - Gas Transportation Operating Procedures Manual

Gas Transportation Operating Procedures Manual

Industrial Service - Rates

Tariff Rates

Large General Firm Service Leaf 275

Large General Firm Service Leaf 276

Monthly GAC - Follow the link below and select Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas

Gas Adjustment Statement (GAC Statement170.pdf)

Industrial Service - Statistics

Monthly BTU report

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