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Sign up for Budget Billing Plan

Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas can make it easier to plan your monthly budget and avoid the large fluctuations in your gas bill from summer to winter months. Plus, avoid the big heating bills that come right after the holidays, when gas use is typically at its highest. With our Budget Billing Plan, you pay the same amount each month, with periodic adjustments if necessary. We will project your gas bill, based on historical usage. At the end of the budget year in August, we reconcile your account. Both residential and commercial heating customers are eligible for the Plan. To sign-up, the only requirement is that your account must not be overdue.

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When we establish your budget amount, we are estimating your use of gas. Please let us know if you have added any new gas appliances (e.g. gas water heater, gas insert or fireplace, etc.). It would be helpful to know if you anticipate any life style changes compared to last year. For example, if you are using wood as a supplemental heat source this year and you did not last year. Use the box below to indicate any information we should be aware of.