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Efficiency Tips

Below is a checklist of steps you can take to save energy and money around your home and/or business:

  • If your regular thermostat setting maintains a temperature of 70°F/21°C, try turning down the setting to 64°F/18°C at night while you're sleeping or during the day if you and other occupants are away.  Compensate for the lower temperature by adding an extra blanket to your bed.
  • If you have a forced air furnace, keep the filter clean.  A dirty filter reduces air flow and wastes energy.  If your furnace has an electronic "air cleaner" attached, follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning the filter.  Be sure to close the furnace access door or panel after you check or clean the filter.
  • Check window frames and trims for cracks that let heat escape and cold air in.  Apply caulk between the frame and the wall, between the trim and the frame, and where the trim joins the window sill.  Use a latex caulk or a clear silicone product designed for interior applications.
  • Check for cracks and cold air leaks along wood baseboards or the "quarter round" molding next to floors.  Caulk along the seam with the baseboard on, or carefully remove the baseboard and caulk between the wall and the floor.
  • Check entry doors.  You may need to caulk between the frame and the wall or between the threshold and the floor.  Also replace any worn or flattened weather-stripping.   If you find a gap at the bottom of the door, consider attaching a new door sweep or bottom.
  • Check the basement sill plate, located at the top of basement walls where the concrete or masonry foundation joins the wood framework and wood supports of the house.  This area can be a major source of heat loss and cold air infiltration.  Apply a suitable product (such a butyl rubber caulk) along the wood sill plate and around the wood supports where you detect cold air leaks.
  • Install low-flow showerheads and aerators in your kitchen and bathrooms to lower water consumption and reduce gas use.
  • Clean or replace your natural gas furnace filter at least once a year.  Ensure your equipment is maintained on an annual basis.
  • Install efficient “Energy Star” equipment to reduce your consumption of natural gas.  Call 1-866-NYSERDA (1-866-697-3732) or visit to their web site (www.nyserda.org) to get information about a home energy audit and access to low-interest loans for Energy Star improvements. Please note: Massena Electric Customers are not eligible for low interest loans since Massena Electric is not a participating member of this state program.