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Energy Efficiency Program - Residential

Federal Tax Credits now available for energy efficiency improvements

Rebates now available as part of the new Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas Residential Energy Efficiency Program

Frequently asked questions

Q.  I know funds are limited.  How can I be sure I will receive a rebate for my heating system replacement?
A.  Call Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas first to determine if funds are still available.  If so, the rebate dollars can be reserved on your behalf for a reasonable amount of time so your contractor can complete the installation.  Submit your application as soon as possible after the installation is complete.

Q.  How soon will I receive the refund, and in what manner?
A.  If the application is properly completed, and the contractor invoice substantiates the make and model of your equipment selection and the date installed, approval is usually received within a few business days after receipt of your application.  You may choose to receive your rebate as a credit on your gas account or receive a check. 

Q.  I installed a high efficiency on-demand water heater.  Do I qualify for a rebate?
A.  On-demand water heaters are not included in this program.  If you have installed a qualifying boiler and an indirect water heater, there is a rebate available for the indirect water heater.

Q.  I did not receive a rebate for my programmable thermostat, why?
The usual reason is because your contractor did not specify on your invoice that a programmable thermostat was installed.  All claims for rebates must be substantiated by the installer who must specify the make and model of the qualifying equipment.

Q.  I did not hire an HVAC contractor to install my furnace (boiler).  Can I still qualify for a rebate?
A.  The Program requirements do not specify that an HVAC dealer must perform the work.  There are no certification requirements or licensing requirements to install heating equipment in our service area.  You may apply for the rebate by completing the application, and provide the installers name and phone number where appropriate.  If you did the work yourself, write "Self Installed".   You must submit copies of the invoices for the purchase of your equipment, and they must specify the make and model.

Q.  Will anyone be contacting me about my application?
A.  Part of the Energy Efficiency Portfolio includes a process evaluation survey and a quality assurance survey.  An outside agency may call you to answer a few questions about your experience with the program, or arrange to inspect your new heating appliance.

Case 07-M-0548 Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas Energy Efficiency Portfolio Implementation Plan

Residential Application Form

Available Rebates

Qualifying Residential Natural Gas Appliances\Equipment

Qualifying Equipment Required Minimum Efficiency Rebate
Hot Air Furnace ≥ 90% AFUE $140
Hot Air Furnace w\ ECM* ≥ 92% AFUE $280
Hot Air Furnace w\ ECM* ≥ 94% AFUE $420
Hot Air Furnace w\ ECM* ≥ 95% AFUE $420
Hot Water Boiler ≥ 85% AFUE $350
Hot Water Boiler ≥ 90% AFUE $700
Steam Boiler ≥ 82% AFUE $350
Boiler Reset Control N/A $70
Indirect Water Heater N/A $210
Programmable Thermostats Energy Star Rated $18
Duct Air Sealing N/A $420

*Electronically Controlled Motor


Subject to availability of funds, rebates are available toward the purchase and installation of high efficiency gas heating equipment (furnaces or boilers) in one to four-family houses. Customers receiving rebates/ financial inducements from NYSERDA for the same equipment are not eligible for a duplicate rebate under this program.
Funds are limited and customers are encouraged to call and reserve the incentive rebate pending installation of the equipment. 


Energy Efficiency Program Contacts:

Mr. Philip A. St. Amand
Advisor Customer Service
Phone: 315-842-3617
Fax: 315-764-9226
E-Mail: pstamand@stlawrencegas.com