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Residential Service

Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas has seven classes of service, with different rates for each class of service. Residential service is classified as Service Classification No. 1. For residential service, the space utilizing gas service must be primarily for living space. Some commercial activity is permitted, as long as less than 25% of the cubic space in the building is used for non-residential activities, such as a beauty salon, or a craft shop. It does not matter if the property is income-producing property, in the case of rental property. Certain religious organizations, veteran’s organizations, and certain community residences are allowed to obtain service at residential rates. A complete description can be found in the St. Lawrence Gas Tariff, P.S.C. No. 3 – Gas, Leaf No. 258 - 263.

Follow these steps for gas service

If you are moving to a home or apartment and you wish to change the gas service to your name, you can sign-up for service on our website.  

If you are requesting a new gas line to be installed, you will be asked to sign all the appropriate paperwork.  Your service line will be normally installed within seven weeks during our construction season (May – October). 

Please follow this link to review our gas service requirements.