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Sign up for Automatic Debit

Many of you have been asking for it. It’s the Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas Automatic Debit Plan (ADP). Now you can have your natural gas bills deducted from your checking account automatically. Forget about check writing, stamps, mailing and due dates!

You will still receive your regular monthly bill and you will have at least 10 days to review your bill before your account will be debited.  Once you sign up, you will be notified of the exact date that the funds will be withdrawn from your checking account.  This will vary per customer depending on the billing cycle.  The ADP is open to both budget and non-budget customers.

How to get started:

By completing and returning your enrollment form below, along with a VOIDED check from your checking account, you will authorize Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas to activate the Automatic Debit Plan.  Beginning in four to six weeks (we will notify you by mail when it will begin), your Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas bills will be withdrawn from your checking account.

Click Here to download the enrollment form.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is necessary to view this document.  Download it for free by clicking the icon below.

Frequently asked questions:

What if I change my bank or bank account?

In either case, you would need to reapply and provide a new voided check from the new account.

What happens if my account “bounces” when a payment is withdrawn?

If your account has insufficient funds at withdrawal, you may receive a phone call from our Collections Department. If we cannot reach you, no funds will be collected on the account this month. (An insufficient funds charge of $15.00 will apply for each unsuccessful attempt.) The amount due will be carried forward to next month’s billing as a previous balance. It will be withdrawn, along with the current bill and any applicable NSF fees and late charges at the next scheduled withdrawal date. (Two occurrences of insufficient funds will result in your account being dropped from ADP participation.)

Can I wait and sign up later?

ADP is available anytime you want to start.

What happens if I move?

The entire amount of your final bill will be withdrawn on your next normal withdrawal date. If you are moving within our service territory, you must request that Automatic Debit be continued at your new address.

Can I continue to pay an old bill through a Deferred Payment Plan and also sign up for the ADP?

Presently, you must have paid off your Deferred Payment Plan in order to sign up for ADP.