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Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas is Expanding into Franklin County

Natural gas service is now available in portions of the Winthrop/ Brasher Falls area and in town of North Lawrence. Construction on the Franklin County distribution network continues but gas service is not yet available in Franklin County.


When will you have natural gas service available in my area?

We began developing the distribution systems within the expansion area during the summer of 2013. The distribution areas that will be developed over the next 5 years can be seen on our distribution maps here. If you live within the areas outlined by the gold line please contact us at 315-769-3516 ext 1605 for information on gas service to your home.

I have signed up for service, when will gas be available to my home or business?

Natural gas is now available in sections of the Winthrop/ Brasher Falls area and in North Lawrence. As the distribution systems are energized the company will leave a yellow door hanger on those homes or businesses that have had a service line installed. The door hanger will notify customers that they can now make arrangements with their contractor to complete any work necessary and then call Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas to schedule the installation of a natural gas meter set and have their natural gas service turned on.

If gas is not yet available in your area, please check back with us via this web site or by calling our offices for information on when gas service is available to your area.

Please make sure that you maintain your current energy source or have other energy arrangements until we notify you that natural gas service is available to your home or business.

How much will it cost to have gas service installed to my home?

For customers located within the expansion area, Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas will install a gas service line to the side of your home or business at no cost to the customer during the first 5 years.

Can my existing equipment be converted to natural gas?

Your heating contractor can best answer that question.  It is possible to convert many furnaces and boilers from oil or propane to natural gas.  Likewise, many kitchen stoves, clothes dryers and fireplaces can be converted from propane to natural gas.  Most propane water heaters are not convertible.   Before you spend the money on conversion of your heating system, consider the benefits of a new high efficiency gas furnace or boiler.

Can you recommend a heating contractor for me?

Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas does not provide recommendations.  We suggest you look in the Yellow Pages of your phone book under heating contractors, or check your local newspapers.  We suggest you get two or three estimates, check references, ask if service is available after hours, and ask about warranties.  A good HVAC contractor will assist you in selection of the right equipment for your home or business.

How will you bring gas into my home?

Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas will bring the gas to the foundation of your home or business to a meter which will be located outside.  All piping and equipment beyond the outlet of the gas meter is the customer’s responsibility.  Your HVAC contractor or installer will bring the gas into your home and connect your gas appliances.

Will you have to dig up my yard or driveway if you install gas on my street?

There are many methods to install pipe underground, some of which involve digging.  Restoration by Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas of property disturbed during the installation is a part of the process.

Why should I convert to natural gas?

Please take a look at our "Benefits Of Natural Gas" page.


How much will I save if I convert to natural gas?

Your annual savings will depend on the difference between the price of your current fuel and the price of natural gas (both of which fluctuate), and on the volume of fuel you use in your home or business.   At current (September 2014) oil and natural gas prices, we project a savings for the average residential heating customer of approximately 30% compared to fuel oil.  Please click here to estimate your energy savings

What kind of pipe do you use to bring natural gas to my home?

Our gas service lines on your property are medium density polyethylene plastic gas lines.  These easily bend around obstacles if necessary and do not rust or corrode.  A tracer wire is laid along the gas service line so it can be located in case you need to know where it is, when digging for example.

How do I know if there is a gas main on my street?

Please contact our office at 315-769-3516 ext 1605 for information on gas service to your home.

Where can I go to speak to someone about getting natural gas? Do you have an office in Franklin County?

Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas has a permanent office at 33 Stearns Street in Massena, NY and a new office located at Cedar Commons Plaza, 3372 St Hwy 11, Suite G, Malone, NY.  You may reach us by phone at 315-769-3516 ext 1605, by US mail at PO Box 270, Massena, NY 13662, or by email at Generalinfo@stlawrencegas.com.  

I don’t live within the village but the transmission line is close to my house. Can I get gas service?

The transmission line is a high pressure vessel (approximately 450 psi) that moves gas across country from one location to another.  It is not designed for provision of service to individual customers.  During the expansion period, we are not permitted to go beyond the parameters described in the Section 68 filing with the NYS Public Service Commission.  It may be possible in the future to consider such requests, but the customer may find the cost of a pressure reducing station prohibitive.

How often will I be billed for my gas?

Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas customers are billed each month.  Our meters are read every other month, and estimated readings are provided for those months when the meter is not read.  Customers may provide their own meter readings if they wish.

When will my bill be due and where, or how can I pay?

Utility bills are always due upon receipt.  There is a 20 day grace period, 23 days if the bill is mailed, before a late charge is applied.  Your bill will say “Pay by” and a date which is the last day of the grace period.   Bills may be mailed to us at Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas, PO Box 270, Massena, NY  13662.  There is a drop box in front of our Massena office and in front of the Massena Town Hall.  Customers may choose to have their payment automatically deducted from their checking account by signing up for our Automatic Debit Plan.  For more information, call our billing department at 1-800-673-3301 extension 3.

Expansion Area Distribution Maps


North Lawrence







Expansion Area Transmission Line Maps

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Enbridge St. Lawrence Gas is owned by Enbridge Gas Distribution, Canada's largest natural gas distribution company. Enbridge Gas Distribution and its affiliates distribute natural gas to two million customers in Ontario, Quebec, New York State and New Brunswick. Enbridge Gas Distribution is owned by Enbridge Inc., a Canadian-based leader in energy transportation and distribution.

Posted: April 30, 2013